Arcus Networks provides IT services to our company and we’re happy with their products and level of customer service. When Arcus entered the telecommunications business, and we needed to replace an outdated telecommunications system, there was no doubt that we’d purchase our equipment and service through them. We get good value for our money and excellent customer service.

San Fernando Valley Business Journal

Pegi Matsuda, President & Publisher

Arcus Networks has been supporting our IT and Telephony needs since 2007 and we could not be happier. They understand the professional firm environment and offer us technology solutions that make really sense for us, and fit our budget. In fact, moving to their cloud hosted services has lowered our IT costs significantly over the years. Larry and his team are knowledgeable, responsive and reliable. We can confidently recommend Arcus Networks to anyone seeking to outsource their IT and Telephony needs.

Bessolo Haworth CPA Group LLP

Larry Haworth, Partner

Larry Deeder of Arcus Networks has been supporting our network and phone system for over a decade. With their assistance our network is more stable and integrated than ever before. We are now running a cutting edge infrastructure with Voice Over IP and cloud computing technology. Our phone system is also integrated into out computers which enhances our communication with our clients. The cloud computing alone allowed us to consolidate three servers while implementing disaster recovery.

Alzheimer’s Association of San Diego

Lisa Bruner, Executive Director

Back in 2006 when we hired Larry Deeder (Arcus Networks), our network was a collection of unstable clone PC’s and neglected servers, all maintained by an $80,000.00 per year IT manager. After replacing the IT manager with Arcus Networks, we are now enjoying an incredible savings per year, and have a more experienced team supporting our systems. If we had only known at the time, what outsourcing our IT services would do for our business, we would never had hired on staff IT personnel in the first place.

During the past 5 years of our relationship with Arcus Networks, they have been instrumental in rebuilding our entire IT infrastructure. In fact, they have introduced us to new technologies such as cloud computing, and implemented an in-house Cloud based service that our sales department has come to depend on.

Our network has never been so stable, and the staff at Arcus Networks so available. We are extremely grateful for their dedication to our business and would give them a glowing recommendation whenever asked.

The California Wine Club

Gerri-Lynn Becker

While I was initially somewhat hesitant to move our IT operations into the cloud, after more than a year of service, I can safely say that it’s the best move we could ever have made. The quality of service, reliability and responsiveness of our systems are now far higher than they ever were when I employed in-house staff to maintain and manage our equipment and operations. Moreover, our IT costs have been reduced and availability has improved. When we maintained our software and hardware internally, we constantly struggled with system failures, outages and security (virus) issues. Now I don’t have to worry about the impact of down time on my business. Instead I can focus on growing our company instead of trying to resolve issues with our infrastructure. We are a 24/7 business and Larry and his support staff have been there for us on daily and off-hour issues. On a more personal level, Larry is always there when I need him to perform or assist with some customization, answer a question or provide an update or enhancement.

I would not hesitate to recommend the Arcus Networks Solution to any business.

Facilities Service Center, Inc.

Dennis Bennett, CEO Facilities Service Center

Wyatt Technology was very fortune to have found Arcus Networks and Larry Deeder. Arcus Networks is extremely knowledgeable, prompt and cost effective. Arcus Networks not only reorganized and optimized our VMware infrastructure, but also provided invaluable suggestions in procuring hardware and software. Working with Arcus Network over the past two years, has enabled Wyatt Technology to create an extremely robust network infrastructure environment .

Wyatt Technologies

David Jimenez

Arcus Networks LLC has been providing us with IT services since 1998. During this time he has guided us through many system upgrades and disaster recovery situations. As technology evolves, he seems to stay on the cutting edge, and advises us as needed. Arcus Networks has been a reliable and trustworthy partner for over a decade, and we would highly recommend them to any company seeking IT support.

Skyline Exhibits of Los Angeles

Arcus Networks has been a tremendous and stable addition to our company. Previous to their arrival, IT support at F H Pumps had been almost nonexistent. Different companies were always coming and going. Arcus Networks has changed all of that.

Arcus Networks brings solid Corporate IT function to small companies such as ours and allows us to directly focus on our business.

Additionally, utilizing the remote backup and recovery service, F H Pumps has gone totally paperless with confidence. We never could have done that without the support of Arcus Networks and the security in knowing they are a phone call away if something occurs.

I suspect there will be many more things happening in the business environment that will bring the need for the kind of support Arcus Networks brings to the table. F H Pumps and Arcus Networks will be ready.

FH Pumps, Inc.

Hank Pepper, President

Arcus Networks did a thorough and complete review of my complicated phone system needs and helped me analyze where I could save time and money, and where new software and hardware technology would most efficiently and cost effectively help my company. They willingly worked with my older equipment and genuinely have my best interests at heart when offering solutions. From our first meeting, and for the past 3 years, Arcus Networks response time, emergency availability, and prompt resolution of problems have earned my highest praise and trust. They freely give experienced advice and have grown with us through many changes and adjustments. I highly recommend Arcus Networks.

San Diego Care Placement

Dwayne Jenson, President/CEO

Arcus Networks has been servicing our wide area network since their company started. Larry Deeder has serviced The Bowman Group for ten years before that. At first our servers were hosted in house. Next we moved to a co-location data center. Now we are running several virtual servers securely hosted by Arcus through their “Cloud” to include:

Microsoft Exchange
Finance and Accounting
Client Billing
Help Desk
Terminal Services Client Support
Airport ERP software development and support

Our systems are backed up nightly. Microsoft operating systems, Exchange and Outlook are updated by Arcus. Service has been timely and cost beneficial.

The Bowman Group

Bradford S Bowman, President

Arcus Networks