Off-Site Backup

Remote Backup Service for servers and desktops

The latest in Online Backup Software and Data Protection Services from ArcNet. From hurricanes to house pets, daily life affords us plenty of reasons to store data offsite, separate from our primary computers. Not to mention the fact that most small businesses neglect to perform backup altogether.

Most reliable way to ensure the integrity of your data. Backups occur daily, sending your data securely to us over the Internet. With the installation of a small application on one of your servers, we can ensure fast recovery of your data 365 days a year.

Our software is the most robust, feature-rich Online Backup Software in the industry. Affordable pricing, fast ROI, and world class support have made ArcNet Online Backup the best choice for online data backup and recovery.

ArcNet Online Backup has advanced features to protect valuable business data while helping to maintain compliance with regulations like SEC, FINRA, HIPAA, SOX, and GLB.

  • MS Exchange
  • SQL Server
  • Active Directory
  • System State
  • Open Files
  • Sharepoint
  • Strong Encryption
  • Data Compression
  • Easy Restore

Your house is insured for possible disaster, why not insure your data. With our off-site data protection services, you can rest easier knowing we are backing up your data.

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Remote and On-Site Support

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