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Remote Backup Systems

Remote Backup Systems (RBS) develops software and services for Online Backup Services who provide internet-based online backups. We are headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee with an engineering and technical office in Chennai, India.

RBS is by far the oldest online backup company in the world. The company’s founder coined the now-popular term, Remote Backup. Remote Backup Systems defined the technical protocol that is now used as the standard for moving backups of data files around the Internet.

RBS has more than 8,500 Service Providers in more than 63 countries. RBackup Remote Backup is the most widely used subscription-based online backup software on the planet.

Remote Backup Systems is a member of the Better Business Bureau and the BBB-Online. We were one of the first private companies on the Internet, among the first to host its own web server, and among the first 20 or so in the world to put a computer bulletin board system (BBS) on the Internet, long before the World Wide Web.

RBS has been featured in many magazines, newspapers, and books, and we have won numerous awards for excellence in Software. Read our Press Releases